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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

XXV Maine Meeting 2009

XXV 2009
In 1999 Chris and I were so blessed to have been invited into the "Society of XXV", a group of 25 outstanding international photographers. We just returned from our 2009 Maine meeting, which Chris and I hosted. It was not a difficult task since Maine is one of our favorite places in the world!
For 5 days, before traveling to Maine, we were able to host XXV friends Christina & Henk Van Kooten from Holland. What a talented couple! Henk has his Fellowship in Photography from Europe and is a sought after photographer and teacher.
In Maine we stayed downtown in Portland at the Portland Harbor Hotel - where we were spoiled rotten. We took everyone on the 'Duck Tour' to give our friends the 'lay of the land' in Portland and we initiated them with their first Maine lobster bake at Fox's at Nubble Light House. We dined at Di Millo's, a floating restaurant which overlooks the Portland harbor at sunset and we all pigged out at our favorite ice cream place ... Brown's Ice Cream in York.
Finally, we made sure everyone dipped their toes into the frigid Maine coast water!
What a great time we all had!
The best part of the trip was the companionship with all of our XXV members
from all over the world.
Indra flew in from Indonesia, where he runs multiple studios.
His clients are from royalty and he blew us away ,as usual, with his imagery!
He'll be hosting next year's trip to BALI. We can't wait!
Whenever an opening comes up in XXV, members submit names of prospective photographers. We then view there images and have a group discussion. A 3/4 majority vote is necessary to bring that person into the group.
Last year we voted in a very talented and wonderful person from Australia ... Marcus Bell. If you'd like to be wowed by incredible images visit his web site!
This year we voted in another member whom we are axious to be with.
We can't wait to meet and welcome ... Parker Pfister.
This might be the longest blog I've written but I just had to give you a taste of the absolutely wonderful experience we had. We came back to Vermont overflowing with information and inspired with the blessings of friendship . We can always count on the love and caring we receive
each time we come together with our best friends.
We love you XXV!
Chris and Pat

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