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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Young Evangelist

Jonathan Shuttlesworth has a heart and soul for God ... something that is rarely witnessed in a young man of 28 years old. Jonathan's story is, at the age of 10, that an angel visited him one evening and told him that he would preach the good news of Jesus' love before His return to earth. Where upon, Jonathan ran downstairs and told his mom and dad about his visitation and what he would be doing for the rest of his life.
Jonathan's high school counselor told him he was the only student he had ever met
that had never changed his mind on his future vocation from his Freshman year to his Senior.
Jonathan dedicated his life to Christ and God has honored that dedication by opening doors around the US and Canada so that he can proclaim God's love and healing to a needy generation.
A town in Hawaii was touched with miracles from one of his meetingsand and has invited him back for yearly events dedicated to the Lord. Power & Miracles continue to confirm the word being taught in Hawaii.
A man of prayer and fasting, Jonathan Shuttlesworth is dedicated
to being set apart for the glory of God.
Chris & Pat

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