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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scored 100!

' Insomnia'
Brenda Bailey had a litter of goldens that were going to be leaving her kennel in just a day or two and when I found out about it I invited them into the studio along with Max, her grandson.
What happened next was magic!
All of the puppies went to sleep along with Max, wearing the hat that grammy had knit him the day before (what can't that woman do!)
At the Vermont judging in April one of my friends came running out of the judging room as I walked into the convention and seeing me she gushed her congratulations to me for the 100 score on my print in the show! Any score of 80 or better is a blue ribbon image but prints scoring 100 are very far and few between.
At the awards banquet later that weekend 'Insomnia' received 'The Best of Show' Award along with the American Society of Photography Award for
'Highest Scoring Image' in the show, and a Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence 2009.
Thank you to Brenda and Kelsey for all their effort, the puppies for their irresistible cuteness and Max for being just an angel during the whole shoot!

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