Summer of 2012

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adam & Noah....Micah & Noah

3 Little Monkeys sitting on the bed!

Three Little Monkeys sitting on the bed was created at home by Nana & Papa.
Since baby Noah was born in December we have been anxious to photograph the 3 boys together.
Our goal: to capture little brother and the happiness he brings into the Beltrami home.  Noah is a very happy baby (just like his dad was) and his big brothers, who are very busy boys, take the time to shower him with kisses, hugs, up close smiles & encouraging words.  I can already see in Noah's eyes that he wants to grow up to be just like them!  And that would be a very 'good thing'! 
With whole bunches of love,
nana & papa

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Rochford Family

We have been very busy photographing families
during this Christmas season and having so much fun with relaxed posing for a more contemporary style of portrait to decorate the home with.
Julie photographed this family and soon it will be in the window
for a few days so keep and eye open and don't miss it!
just one of Santa's elves!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Elin's Artpiece!

I LOVE babies and their little baby-parts...creases & dimples & toes...Oh my!

Mom has an artpiece of baby Elin now that will often remind her of this time in her baby's life....

and we can't forget grammy's pearls, which she'll probably wear on her wedding day!

Life is all about the memories we stitch together!


Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last weekend I photographed 'Sisters'.

These beautiful little girls have a beautiful mommy that had been photographed by

us years ago when she was a little girl.

Time passes by so quickly!

And I know I say that alot but I think it's a good reminder

to us all to slow life down a bit and let people know how special they are to us.

So , for homework, convince a loved one today that they are truly loved...'it'll come back

to you pressed down and running over'.


Summer means High School Portfolios!

Today's High School portrait sessions are more like modeling sessions! In fact one of our new products for 2012 Graduate is a Modeling Portfolio to put their images in as a keepsake of their Senior year.

We have so much fun in the studio this time of year...getting to know the young adults, finding out what their plans are for the future and capturing who they are on film (flash card)!

The lighting, posing, expressions, props, backrounds and effort we put into every session really gives us a sense of satisfaction of a job well done by us for each graduate...