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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 New England Awards!

Chris Beltrami is New England Photographer of the Year 2010!
On Monday Chris received the Cannon Award for Photographer of the Year 2010 by the New England Professional Photographers Association at their yearly convention held at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.
For the past 20 years Beltrami Studios have been celebrating photographic excellence in being the Most Award Winning Studio in New England, a blessing from the Lord!

This has been a very busy Spring! Being Speakers & International Judges, we have traveled to Ohio, R.I., Pennsylvania, Nashville, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. We love what we do but I'll have to say it's going to be good to be around home now until July when we will be traveling to Maine (my fav place) to vacation & photograph a few clients who love the beach & need beach portraits for their homes.

I'm such a huge fan of Chris' work, I call him an artist all the time! He has an eye for light that I only dream one day I'll be able to attain, if only a fraction.
He puts out a monthly newsletter blog called Chris Beltrami think about it! Sooooo inspirational, I encourage everyone to take a visit and just 'think about it'......

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