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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Family of a Graduate Special!

We have photographed Tori over the years,( she's the one on the right), and this summer we'll be doing her Senior Portraits! Time flies by soooo quickly! So in celebration on slowing time down a little bit, we are offering Free family sessions for any families with a 2010 graduate who is getting ready to sprout wings and fly away...
I was always good at roots while we were raising the children...Chris was always great about giving them wings! But some of our most cherished posessions are the portraits we have on the walls of our home where time stands still and we are easily transported back with a smile or tear on our face.
One of my clients told me she often catches her husband looking at the portrait we photographed for them of their children and she enjoys that little smile that comes to his face as he remembers...
So if you know anyone with a graduate in the family, spread the word and have them call our studio so that we can help them 'make time stand still' for them too.

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