Summer of 2012

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

favorite time of year...

This time of year is my favorite...things slow down a little bit and we get to photograph children. From babies, for the modeling contest, to 17 years old, to get ready for the upcoming Senior season. We paint back rounds...collect pieces to add to our props, like tutus & flowers for the children's with Seniors about ideas for Summer Shoots...being International Jurors, we get invited to travel around the country and judge State Convention's photography & catch up with our friends...and next month we compete with our photography on the State level. We feel blessed in what we do! I think of it as a calling in sorts. We have always made memories with our family and we so enjoy making memories for others of their family or children to enjoy over the years, which fly by so quickly...
People come and people go in our lives but family is always there to rely on no matter what!
To my family...I love you!

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