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Saturday, November 7, 2009

2009 -New England's Photographer of the Year!

Chris Beltrami received a 'Court of Honor' award for 'Intermission', an image he caught at a ballet recital. In the words of several of the judges, "this photographer has achieved the level of an artist with this entry".
At New England judging ,a panel of 6 judges score images ... one at a time. The maker's name is witheld for fairness and an 80 is a great "merit" score. When a print comes up before the jurors and it doesn't score as high as some of the judges feel it should, the image may be "challenged". Each judge takes a turn to speak about the print before rejudging.
'Intermission' was a challenged image. It was exciting to hear all of the positive comments before it was rescored to a ... 95!!!
Great job Chris!

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